Stretchy tent is the newest company to offer you a Marquee alternative.

These unique and adaptable structures were first created in South Africa. The demand in the UK has been extraordinary over the last few years as they are so individual, however they can still offer you the same but a more outstanding experience as the standard Marquee.

We have no doubt about it, they are great value for money but still making sure that your outdoor event is perfect for you, and your personal needs.

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Meet the team

Mike Billington

Mike Billington


Mike is the founder of Stretchy Tent. Mike has worked within the industry for 3 years, which has taken him all across the UK and Europe. Including working with Harley Davidson.


Phil Pulford

Phil Pulford

Managing Director

Phil is new to the industry but has seen the potential of our Stretch Tents. With his skills and determination he will bring a lot to the company.